28-30 November 2018

2018/11/28 08:00:00
  • Event

    After the great success of the Forum BIOTechno in Paris, Lyon, Grenoble, Dijon and Strasbourg that have been organized over the past years reaching an increasing number of participants, partners and companies, we decided to raise an even bigger challenge by organizing the first BIOTechno International forum.

  • Companies

    As a company, by joining us you will meet the most creative and innovative scientific people, you will have the opportunity to present your activities to a targeted audience, access new markets, and contribute to the career development of highly qualified young researchers –the innovators of tomorrow- and their integration into the industrial world.

  • Attendees

    As a young scientist, PhD or MSc student you will learn the value of your transferable skills, build your personal career plan, develop your professional network, discover the latest biotech innovations, and find career opportunities in the industry.

This event responds to the undeniable need of young scientists from all around the globe to connect with industrial partners and biotech companies and discover the possibilities of future careers. We will tackle all these challenges during 3 days of conferences, workshops, and roundtables.

Join us in this great adventure ! Let’s build the future of the International BIOTech world together !

Companies, join the Réseau BIOTechno and take part in the first edition of this cosmopolitan event. Become an active player in broadening our vision and creating an international BIOTechno community !



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