“France has many assets to succeed in its biological revolution: a recognized excellence in both basic and applied research, a network of renowned laboratories and institutes, and a proven expertise in university hospitals […]. The Grenoble area is particularly well placed since it is the second French pole for biotechnologies and medical technologies ("med-techs") after Paris-Ile de France. The interdisciplinarity and the quality of the partnerships between the different actors are at the basis of this dynamism. […] The BIOTechno forum, encouraging the exchanges, contributes to this dynamic and promotes the integration of young researchers. It is therefore with great enthusiasm that I accepted to be the sponsor of the 19th edition, to which I give all my support. I wish a bright future to all the people who chose to develop their career in such a promising area for the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Geneviève Fioraso: Sponsor of the BIOTechno Rhône-Alpes Forum 2016, Former Higher Education and Research Minister