I was delighted to participate in the BIOTechno Paris 2016 forum as sponsor of the event. It was an exciting moment, rich of meetings and exchanges with doctoral and post-doctoral students. I myself have a background in both academia and the industrial world, I can thus easily imagine how difficult it can be for all young researchers to make a choice. The BIOTechno forum is an opportunity to discover, with different round tables and workshops, the possible careers but also the people who practice them, their background, their experience and all that a biography can not say. You have to meet people to understand what they are doing and I was very happy to meet young doctoral students and motivated doctors to answer their questions. Throughout the day, during conferences and debates, I have directly seen how important it is for the young researchers to meet doctors who now have a career in the academic or the industrial world, to speak with them, to know each other, because their destinies are linked. Some of them may be recruited by others and on the other hand a fresh air breath could allow to see projects from a different perspective. In a world becoming faster and faster, more and more complex, the nodal point is not only the accumulation of knowledge but also, and above all, our ability to constantly adapt to the new challenges of our daily lives. Self-confidence is essential for young doctoral or post-doctoral students. Their formation is built on a certain degree of curiosity associated with a high level of skills. Positive attitude and self-confidence are as important as an additional degree. Do not hesitate, even if sometimes you can fail..