Biotechnologies have undergone, within a decade, an important development and seemto become one of the key technologies of the 21st century. To date, France has a uniquestructure in Europe, able to federate 12 associations of PhD candidates and PhDs inBiotechnology, spread over the French territory.

This French association (law 1901) aims to value the PhD training and to work to the improvement of Young Researchers career development as they may become knowledge creators (research), knowledge diffusers (education) or innovators (new business start-ups).

Today, the BIOTechno Network is the first interlocutor for the government, companies and public research centers and plays an essential role in the development of the biotechnologies sector in France. Since 10 years now, we have organized the BIOTechno days in many well know French cities, and offered to the young researchers the opportunity to uncover the biotechnologies careers and the professional actors from this sector. The increasing number of participants (PhD candidates, biotechnology companies and public research centers) highlights the interest of organizing such days and the importance of their renewal.